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Mr Puppy NL - Bark and Play 4

20161029 barkandplay group

B&P4 was een fantastische middag. Een compleet vreemde omgeving, een Mr Puppy NL verkiezing én het geweldige gezelschap van de Amsterdam Kink Academy, het team van Mr Rubber Nederland en The Puppeteer! Pup Tygos vertelt erover:

29 Oktober 2016, a historic moment because Bark & Play is not at the regular location in Amersfoort but due to the Leatherpride it will be At the Undercurrent location in Amsterdam, something i and probably a lot of pups have been looking forward to.
We arrived a little late at the location But just in time for the start of the event the introduction of the contestants of the Mr Puppy NL and the obstacles run.
Great fun to look at, but most important was that after that the playground was finally open for all pups, and what a great amount of pups have decided to come, the complete dutch pup pack was present aswell as some awesome pups outside the Netherlands.
In no time there were pups all over the place, barking and playing, cuddling etc. The ball pitt was a big succes, balls were flying all around!
Next to the Bark&play event the Amsterdam Kink Academy had some demonstrations were you could try out all diverent sorts of kink, like flogging, vac-bed, and bondage, all things pups like!
After a long play, drinking some and barking to a lot of people it was time for the pup participants to do there tricks, i had the chance to help pup Bentley out with his fetch trick, hehehe the 3th squeaky was easily found under pup Brock his leather skirt, Bentley was a good boy! Yuki and Sada did a great trick to so it was difficult to choose which pup was best.
Election time the pups were so nervouse but luckily it did not take to long, pup Bentley won the contest and he can wear the Mr Puppy NL harnass for a year (congratulation pup).
After some more playing Twinpup Castor and i went into Amsterdam to have something to eat and prepare for the evening party.
I really want to thank the B&P team for a great party, and hope we can do this again next year!
Paws up,

Terugkijkend op ons eerste jaar Bark & Play, was het een typisch gevalletje moe maar voldaan. Er komt veel kijken bij het organiseren van dit soort events, maar het plezier van de pups en handlers was elke keer weer fantastisch om te zien.
Heel, heel erg bedankt voor jullie knuffels, likjes, liefde en steun, het was oprecht inspirerend. Tot snuffels in 2017!
Foto's van de middag zijn te vinden op www.barkandplay.nl  en www.misterpuppy.nl.